SAT 800 Club and Club 36

Congratulations to the following Magnet students for perfect scores on one or more sections of the SAT and ACT!

SAT 800 Club
The following students scored a perfect 800 on the math section of the SAT:

Class of 2018
Andrew Benecchi
Shawn Doss
Chibuzor Eduzor
Kevin Fan
Nikhil Jindia
Pranav Khorana
Jeet Kothari
Erin Leydon
Alexander Madison
Colin McMillen
Alexander Pace

Class of 2019
Raymond Jiang 

Club 36
The following students scored a perfect 36 on one or more sections of the ACT. (An asterisk (*) denotes a perfect composite score.) 

Class of 2018
Aidan Brown - Reading
Timothy Buchanan - Math
Ajanta Choudhury - English
Rohan George - Science
Nicolas Giraldo - Science
Tate Hunda - Math, Science, Reading & Composite* 
Kevin Jaiwant - Math
Parmida Jamshidi - Science
Sydney Kaltman - Science
Jessica Kan - Reading
Jeet Kothari - Math
Mitchell Landrum - Reading
Erin Leydon - Math, Reading, Science & Composite* 
Malini Patel - Reading
Suyash Rajesh - English, Reading
Amithav Reddy - Science
Bryan Richardson - Science
Ishaan Rischie - Math, Science, & English
Charles Wood - English